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Bio Med Wash® - Hand-Held Emergency First Aid Wash

Emergency Eye Wash Innovation: Bio Med Wash® Saves Vision and Lives

Personal Hand-Held Device Soothes Eyes Impacted by Dust, Smoke and Heat - without Burning Eyes or Blurriness

Sterile Water Wash Is Easily Applied, Even when Evacuating a Burning Building

Bio Med Wash® 100% sterile, all-natural, all-water, personal, hand-held, emergency first aid spray is changing emergency eye wash and first aid procedures for the eyes. Emergency responders agree that in an emergency, when eyes many be impacted by dust, smoke or heat, Bio-Med Wash® saves vision and lives, without causing burning eyes or blurriness.

According to Bio-Logic Aqua Research of Grants Pass, Oregon, many industrial sites where Bio Med Wash® has been made available report a significant reduction in eye injuries from occupational hazards. Across the United States and Canada, first responders, police and fire departments, the US military, oil field personnel, and workers at high-risk indoor and outdoor jobs are discovering the benefits of Bio Med Wash® personal, hand-held eye wash spray.

A quick, easy application of Bio Med Wash® "takes the sting out of eyes" following heat, smoke and dust exposure. The pure water spray gently soothes irritated eyes without the discomfort that often accompanies saline solution eye washes, chemical eye washes or steady-stream fountain eye washes.

As an added advantage to first responders, the spray contents of Bio Med Wash remain sterile no matter how unsanitary the surroundings and even if the canister has been previously opened and partially used. Partially expended canisters don't need to be discarded and the same canister may be used by several people. Canisters may be passed from one individual to another even while evacuating a burning building (With a fixed location, steady-stream fountain-type eye wash station, you are required to stand in place for 15 minutes running water in your eyes).

When placed at work sites in-between fountain or chemical eye wash stations, Bio Med Wash offers more complete emergency coverage. The product can be placed at work sites using several modalities. These include (1) loose canisters, (2) canister carried on a belt holster, (3) canisters mounted on a single-unit bracket mount for trucks, shops, ambulances or helicopter cabins (canisters are easily removed from the bracket); (4) two-canister, wall-mounted industrial eye wash stations (again, canisters are easily removable); (5) 15-canister wall mount magazine dispenser and (6) 15-canister soft sided carrying case.

Workers can usually return to work following application and do not end up with their clothes drenched - as is often the case with plumbed, fountain-type eye wash stations and large saline solution bottles.

Bio Med Wash is proven safe and effective as an emergency first aid eye, skin or mouth wash. The product may be applied upside-down without affecting the spray.

Bio Med Wash may be applied while wearing contact lenses (which are quickly and safety washed out).

Bio Med Wash is the result of research and innovation by Bio-Logic Aqua Research, an American company located near Grants Pass, Oregon. Sales in the United States and Canada in 2011 exceeded 500,000 units. For more information about the application and benefits of Bio-Med Wash, or information on worldwide marketing partnerships, go to www.biomedwash.com .

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