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Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies.
Innovation, Education and Corporate Responsibility.

Aramsco is an internationally recognized supplier of environmental safety products. Whether your product demands require disaster-related emergency supplies, asbestos or lead abatement products, indoor air quality encapsulants or safety glasses, Aramsco has it all. We are positioned to service you through one or all of our 13 locations world wide. Aramsco's national sales force and fleet of vehicles are ready to respond to your needs.


Nature's Tears® EyeMist® - Just A Mist™.
Nature's Tears EyeMist, The product relieves eye discomfort by replenishing lost moisture to the delicate aqueous layer of the eye's tear film, where most moisture loss occurs. Nature's Tears EyeMist is safe, convenient, non-allergenic, preservative-free, propellant-free, will not disturb or "run" eye make-up (it actually enhances cosmetics), and maintains compatibility with all existing eye drop products. Endorsed by Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and Opticians worldwide.

Nature's Mist® Face of the Water.
Nature's Mist, applied as a heavier mist due to the thicker nature of skin, improves skin moisture content and natural skin color; helps heal acne, sunburned or other skin challenges, and even instantly rejuvenates cosmetic color with all-natural moisture. Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies is the first company to offer an all-natural, pH-correct (6.4) tissue-culture grade water with a proven ability to be beneficially absorbed into human skin. The benefits of Nature's Mist have been verified through controlled double-blind clinical testing and extensive anecdotal evidence.

Bio-Med Wash™.
Bio Med Wash, developed for first aid purposes, is applied as a heavy mist for washing, cleansing and promoting blood clotting of puncture wounds, scrapes and lacerations; additionally, the product is exceptional for healing abrasions, burns and other trauma-related emergencies. Bio Med Wash Emergency First Aid Wash is for use in first aid kids, ambulances, emergency rooms, operating rooms, factories, airplanes, civil defense and disaster relief.

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