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Bio Med Wash® - Hand-Held Emergency First Aid Wash

Bio Med Wash Hand-Held Emergency Eye Wash

Eyes and Skin First Aid

  • Eye irrigation
  • Wound wash
  • Chemical decontamination

Bio-Logic Aqua Research, of Grants Pass, Oregon, announces the first hand held emergency eye wash and skin wash device for first aid and emergency response. How will this breakthrough product, Bio Med Wash, save lives?

Smoke, heat and dust may make it impossible to see. Plumbed eyewash stations require stopping and are intended for single person use. Chemical washes may cause blurred vision, disorientation and allergic reaction.

And now, requested by emergency medical professionals, there is BIO MED WASH.

  • All-natural first aid water wash for eyes, skin and wounds
  • For dust, smoke, heat, fumes, pepper spray, wounds, burns, skin irritants, etc.
  • Bag-on-valve technology releases pressurized sterile water spray. Remains sterile under unsanitary conditions - even if unit is partially expended.
  • Hand-held trigger grip device, carried in pocket or on belt, may be actuated while running and safely used by multiple individuals!
  • 100% Bio-Logic AquaŽ tissue-culture grade water.
  • Chemical free, non-saline, non-allergenic, no burning eyes or blurred vision.
  • Accessories: Mounting bracket, belt holster, two-canister eye wash station, 15 canister eye wash station, military coloration.
  • Four year shelf-life.

Bio Med Wash - Fastest growing first aid device in US and Canada. Major US police departments and US troops and in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Please contact:

Rogue Media Division
c/o Bio Logic Aqua Research
Sharon @ biologicaquaresearch.com

Randy Kieling